Mum's Drawings 26/08—23/11/2014

My mum, Mary Gernat (1926-1998), was probably one of the most prolific cover artists of the 1960s. She was born in Ewell, Surrey in 1926, and trained at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in Kingsway and at Regent Street Polytechnic. She combined looking after our family with working as a freelance illustrator from home via an agent. We were often pressed into service as models! During her time as a illustrator, she provided many paperback covers for Collins’ paperback imprint, Armada as well as for the Atlantic Publishing Co (Dragon) in the 1960s. Mum suffered from multiple sclerosis during later life, which though it affected her mobility, did not affect her art. After she stopped working commercially, she carried on painting around Lymington, where we lived. Here you will find a small sample of our many hundreds of drawings and paintings, high quality reprints of which can be purchased.